Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

Innovative Mobility Solutions

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

This integrated course gives students a comprehensive overview of innovative mobility solutions such as electric mobility, car sharing, transport services like Uber, autonomous driving, smart journey, telematics and the associated concepts, challenges, advantages and disadvantages. The course also examines the impact of these new technologies and concepts on cities/regions.

Learning outcomes

Module MOB5 gives students a profound insight into future urban and regional developments, highlights sustainable concepts and provides a comprehensive overview of innovative mobility solutions.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: Maier/Tödtling/Trippl: Regional- und Stadtökonomik 2, Regionalentwicklung und Regionalpolitik, Springer Verlag Wien; Meyer: Nachhaltige Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung: Grundlagen und Lösungsvorschläge, Vieweg+Teubner; Etezadzadeh: Smart City – Stadt der Zukunft?, Springer Vieweg; Flügge: Smart Mobility: Trends, Konzepte, Best Practices für die intelligente Mobilität, Springer Vieweg; Meier/Portmann: Smart City: Strategie, Governance und Projekte (Edition HMD), Springer Vieweg
Journals: VCÖ-Schriftenreihe "Mobilität mit Zukunft"; Urbanist Magazin; dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung; Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung; ÖROK – Schriftenreihe; smart-magazine; Smart-Cities-Initiative Newsletter; IST international – Advanced technology for traffic management and urban mobility

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Assessment methods and criteria