Engineering and Production Management

Product and Materials Recycling

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

• Fundamentals on primary and secondary production of materials (iron and steel, nonferrous metals, plastics, natural materials)
• Use and demand of raw materials and natural resources in the society
• Quantification of resource potentials in life cycle considerations
• Advanced sorting technologies
• Recycling-oriented product characterization
• Chemical analysis of critical materials in post-consumer products
• Analytical tools in resource management (material flow analysis, recycling performance indicators and recycling assessment)

Learning outcomes

After the successful completion of the module the students:

• Understand societal and industrial relevance resource flows and the demand for minerals, metal raw materials and other natural resources
• Have a good overview and knowledge of primary and secondary supply of relevant raw materials such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, plastics, natural materials etc.
• Understand the impact of impurities in recycling processes and are able suggest countermeasures
• Can address challenges in industrial recycling processes,
• Are able to assess and improve the recyclability of complex products,
• Are able to apply the acquired knowledge in a broader environmental perspective

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Lecture notes; handouts; S. Hesse, V. Malisa: Taschenbuch Robotik - Montage - Handhabung; S. Hesse: Grundlagen der Handhabungstechnik; P. Lotter, H.-P. Wiendahl: Montage in der industriellen Produktion: Ein Handbuch für die Praxis (VDI-Buch); P. Konold, H. Reger, S. Hesse: Praxis der Montagetechnik: Produktdesign, Planung, Systemgestaltung (Vieweg Praxiswissen); B. Rekiek, A. Delchambre: Assembly Line Design: The Balancing of Mixed-Model Hybrid Assembly Lines with Genetic Algorithms; H. Martens, D. Goldmann: Recyclingtechnik: Fachbuch für Lehre und Praxis; P. Kurth, A. Oexle, M. Faulstich: Praxishandbuch der Kreislauf- und Rohstoffwirtschaft; M. Kranert, M. Baron, A. Behnsen: Einführung in die Kreislaufwirtschaft: Planung - Recht - Verfahren;

Mode of delivery

Lectures and tutorials

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Advanced Production Technologies, Advanced Materials

Assessment methods and criteria

Written and/or oral exams