Engineering and Production Management

SPC and Process Capability Analysis

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

• Statistical bases (distribution types)
• Sampling and forecast accuracy
• Control charts and process control
• Process capability and its benefits
• IT support
• Integration in Six Sigma

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, students are able to:

• Apply statistical methods for process capability analysis, taking into account application-specific characteristics
• Make statements about sample analysis methods and the expected forecast accuracy
• Apply methods to optimize process capability and demonstrate their benefits
• Design concepts for IT-supported tools in quality assurance
• Explain the organizational and methodological prerequisites for integrating process capability analysis into higher-level management systems

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Lecture notes; handouts; Scripts from Quality Austria; T. Pfeifer, R. Schmitt: Masing, Handbuch Qualitätsmanagement; S. Bracke: Prozessfähigkeit bei der Herstellung komplexer technischer Produkte: Statistische Mess- und Prüfdatenanalyse; E. Dietrich: Statistische Verfahren zur Maschinen- und Prozessqualifikation; J. Kletti: MES - Manufacturing Execution System: Moderne Informationstechnologie unterstützt die Wertschöpfung; M. Akram: Process Enhancement Through Integrated Statistical and Automatic Process Control Techniques

Mode of delivery

Lectures and tutorials

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic Knowledge in Quality and Process Management

Assessment methods and criteria

Written and/or oral exams