European Project Management

Overview of EU Funding Schemes

Lecture, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

The EU provides funding for a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as: (a) regional & urban development; (b) employment & social inclusion; (c) agriculture & rural development; (d) maritime & fisheries policies; (e) research & innovation; (f) humanitarian aid.
Funding is managed according to strict rules to ensure there is tight control over how funds are used and that the money is spent in a transparent, accountable manner.
As a group, the EU Commissioners have the ultimate political responsibility for ensuring that EU funds are spent properly. But because most of the funding is managed within the beneficiary countries, responsibility for conducting checks and annual audits lies with national governments.
Over 3/4 of the EU budget is managed in partnership with national and regional authorities through a system of "shared management", largely through 5 big funds - the Structural & Investment Funds.

Learning outcomes

The course offers an overview of the various EU funding programmes over the period 2021-2027 and a practical approach towards selecting amongst them, accessing and managing EU funding.

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to be provided on Moodle

Mode of delivery

lecture, 2 semester hours/ week

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No prerequisits

Assessment methods and criteria

Exam at the end of the lecture, paper