Automotive Engineering

English Foundation Bachelor's

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

Preparation for the B2 level of competence in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Contents include audio-visual presentations of engineering projects, associated grammar and vocabulary exercises in the engineering context and discussion groups. Blended learning also forms a component, as students create vlogs on designated topics such as their current academic careers.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes: through increased exposure, students will be more proficient in appropriate expression and use of the language in an academic engineering context. Students will be able to assess their own language needs and use semi-technical language, as well as present their ideas and arguments in audio-visual forms.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Literature is provided both in the form of tailored written scripts and audio-visual aids via the Virtual Learning Environment.

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face seminars and Written exam - 50%;
student created vlogs (blended learning / continuous assessment) - 50%

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Students are expected to have gained a high-school diploma, where English as a Foreign Language / English as a Second Language was an integral component.

Assessment methods and criteria

synchronous continuous blended learning with audio feedback.