DI (FH) Phillip Eder

Philipp Eder has stayed loyal to his university: he is a research assistant at the Institute of Automotive Engineering.


Key data

Job description: Research Assistant
Company: FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
I work in: Graz, Austria
I’ve worked here since: 2013
My contact

What I do

My three core tasks can be divided into student project supervision, company projects and teaching. I focus primarily on project coordination and project management and teach the Finite Element Method (FEM), focusing on mechanical stresses.

Why I love my job

I can link theory with practice. A component designed using FEM is applied and tested in a project. Working with young people and supporting their progress is enormously motivating. The varied projects are challenging and make my job very attractive.

Important skills in my job

The numerous different projects mean you need to be a talented organiser. Flexibility is another important skill. And excellent teamwork completes the range of abilities required.

My biggest accomplishment so far

Cooperating with industry is particularly important at a practice-oriented university. I was able to secure the university a lasting cooperation with Infineon which has led to various projects, internships and Bachelor’s and Master’s theses across the entire Department of Engineering.

How I found my current job

After spending some time working as a Function Developer for a German car manufacturer, I wanted a change of career. I decided to study for a Master’s in Automotive Engineering. During my interview, I was offered the chance to become a research assistant at the Institute of Automotive Engineering.

What I learned for this job during my studies

I learnt a great deal for my work at the institute. Working in the team with joanneum racing graz helped me to work efficiently, even when under great pressure.

Job prospects in my field

I know lots of graduates who have had no trouble finding a job. The professional environment for automotive engineers is very broad and there are several renowned companies in Graz alone as well as endless car manufacturers and suppliers across the world.

I am

  • motivated
  • determined
  • flexible

About my job

It is very important for me that my job is varied. Supervising degree theses enables me to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and adapt my lessons to meet the requirements of the industry. Flat hierarchies and numerous small projects enable efficient and flexible working. Automotive engineering is an industry with lots of new developments: anyone who does not want a monotonous job should definitely study Automotive Engineering.