Automotive Engineering


Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

Part 1:
Mathematical foundations of the Finite Element Method (initial and boundary conditions, weak solutions of partial differential equations, calculus of variations, Galerkin and Rayleigh-Ritz methods), mesh generation (discretisation and assembling algorithms), material models, application of the FEM to both linear and nonlinear, stationary and transient analysis. Computer exercises based on commercially available FEM software.
Part 2:
Theory of Computational Fluid Dynamics, tutorials using simulation programmes

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: e.g. Klaus-Jürgen Bathe, Finite Element Procedures, Prentice Hall (1996), ISBN 0-13-301458-4; J. E. Akin, Finite Element Analysis with Error Estimators, Butterworth (2005), ISBN 978-0750667227
Tannehill, Anderson, Fletcher: Computational Fluid Dynamics (Taylor & Francis)
Journals: International Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluids

Mode of delivery

Integrated course: lectures and computer-based tutorials

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Applied Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam, evaluation of FEM analyses reports and continuous assessment of tutorial work