Integrative process 1

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

In this course the learning objectives that the teaching midwife and the student have agreed on are continuously assessed. This is done by structured guided and / or supervised practice of previously learned processes and by demonstration of correct procedures and by structured feedback.
In semester 1 the course deals with the introduction to midwifery, preparation and reflection of the placement experience and clinical supervision on placement.
all settings:
• basic nursing care and observation of clinical cases
• use of materials and instruments and patient contact by applying hygienic standards
• recognition of the needs of clients in requirement of care
• introduction to documentation

delivery suite:
• basic support and care of the labouring woman
• basic pregnant woman care (external examination for determining fetal position, Leopold manoevres, pelvic dimensions, external signs of pregnancy, EDD,checking fetal heart sound by fetal stethoscope and CTG)

nursery and breastfeeding clinic:
• fundamental skills of newborn care and observation
brestfeeding support

Learning outcomes

In this placement the students become confident in using their practical skills. The placement will be in a number of clinical settings as well as in midwifery offices, birth houses, health and social care settings.
The accompanying course “ integrative process” enhances the knowledge and the integration of theory and practice and helps the future midwife to work independently.

Mode of delivery

This course offers
• a theoretical introduction and reflection in the plenary team
• individual or group clinical supervision
• guided practical application of previously studied processes
• demonstration of correct procedures
• reflection of the commonly used skills and procedures
• structured feedback and final assessment