Physiology and diagnosis of pregnancy

Integrated course, 1.00 ECTS


Course content

This course deals with the diagnosis of pregnancy, duration of pregnancy, estimation of date of delivery, principles of embryonic and placental development and knowledge of the fetal heart rate. The students acquire the theory , skills and competencies necessary for internal and external prenatal examination. The students are familiar with duration of pregnancy, pregnancy tests and signs of pregnancy and are able to estimate the date of delivery. They acquire an overview of embryonic and placental development and know the different emotional states during pregnancy. They can carry out independently Leopold’s manoevers, external measurement of the pelvis, measurement of the symphysis-fundal distance and the abdominal circumference and can use the Pinard stethoscope.

Learning outcomes

1. The students know the physiology of birth of the child in cephalic presentation, can supervise it and assess the progress of labour, take appropriate measures to apply the correct delivery manoevres of child and placenta and implement theory and practice in the subsequent placement.
2. The students can
• diagnose pregnancy by external and internal examination
• assess the regular course of pregnancy, birth and the puerperium as well as the healthy development of the newborn and can take adequate measures.