Managing conflict and supervision

Seminar, 0.50 ECTS


Course content

This course reflects upon the modwife’s role in conflict situations by providing an overview of the theory of conflicts, the different kinds of conflict, escalation and de-escalation and the purpose of conflict. Managing conflict situations entails knowledge of self-help, conflict in organizations, team conflicts, conflicts with clients, conflict of values, basic models and types of conflict resolution, nonviolent communication, mediation and prevention of bullying. Under supervision the students are able to deal with different professional conflict situations.

Learning outcomes

1. The students know the physiology of birth of the child in cephalic presentation, can supervise it and assess the progress of labour, take appropriate measures to apply the correct delivery manoevres of child and placenta and implement theory and practice in the subsequent placement.
2. The students can
• diagnose pregnancy by external and internal examination
• assess the regular course of pregnancy, birth and the puerperium as well as the healthy development of the newborn and can take adequate measures.