Introduction to scientific work

Integrated course, 1.00 ECTS


Course content

The students acquire fundamental writing competence and apply this in a seminar paper. They are introduced to the library and can search for literature in online sources. They are able to compile a reference list and use direct quotes and paraphrases formatted according to APA or Harvard styles.

Aims and learning outcomes of this course: The students should be able to
• use the library of the UAS FH JOANNEUM for their own literature search
• recognize the difference between a personal writing style and scientific writing
• name the different stages of the writing process
• use citation styles correctly (APA, Harvard)
• name and use the criteria for the assessment of an academic paper
• write a seminar paper and correct it with feedback

Learning outcomes

• The students are able to put the job of the midwife into the Austrian socioeconomic and legal context (importance of documentation!). They dispose of fundamental critical inquiry skills for clinical research areas and evidence-based practice.

• The students can
• work according to legal professional standards and economic and ecological principles
• recognize the responsibility of other health care professionals and initiate interdisciplinary intervention
• respect cultural and religious beliefs, ways of knowing and values
• maintain all necessary records and analyze and evaluate the findings