Physiology of the puerperium

Integrated course, 1.00 ECTS


Course content

This course focuses on the physiology and the pathology of the postpartal stage. The students acquire a sound knowledge of the physiological and pathological processes in the postpartal stage and are able to differentiate between them. (involution of the birth organs, hormonal changes, typical changes in the puerperium, diagnosis and therapy approaches, duties of the midwife, daily check-ups, puerperal hygiene)

Learning outcomes

2. The students can
• counsel and care for the woman in the pre-, peri –and postnatal phases as well as for the newborn and infant independently and efficiently.
• conduct professional teaching sessions in the practice setting for women and their families
• recognize psychosocial changes and development and initiate the appropriate measures
• recognize the responsibility of other health care professionals and initiate interdisciplinary intervention