QM and project management

Integrated course, 1.00 ECTS


Course content

This course teaches the principles of modern project management. It integrates theory and practice for future professional activities. The students learn the theory of project management processes and how to plan, control, organize and conduct a project. They also get to know the principles of quality management with a special focus on the most important QM systems and models in Austria and their certification processes.

Learning outcomes

• The students can
• implement health promotion and disease prevention strategies
• set up their own midwifery business
• contribute new ideas to advance midwifery knowledge
• warrant quality of midwifery health care by implementing new medical evidence acquired in continuing professional development
• represent their own decisions towards the outside
• recognize the scope of midwifery responsibility and assist the physician to provide specialist prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal midwifery care needed in the case of suspected abnormal and dangerous conditions.
• search for evidence based findings in national and international sources
• work according to legal professional standards and economic and ecological principles
• provide independent and process-oriented guidance, advice and care to women and their babies throughout their pregnancy, labour and the puerperium
• respect cultural and religious beliefs, ways of knowing and values
• document consultation and care and evaluate the results
• recognize psychosocial changes and development and initiate the appropriate measures