Industrial Design

Transportation Engieering

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

Basics in Automotive Engineering:
• Different mode of transport, drive and energy sources
• Power consumption
• Conventional and alternative energy sources
• Vehicle classes, different car bodies and materials
• Traction cart, driving impedance, drag, buoyancy force and down force
• Flow at rigid bodies
• Aerodynamics of vehicle bodies and parts
• Aerodynamic components: spoiler, wing, diffusor, nozzle
• Vehicle by flow
• Active and passive savety, accident frequency and injuries
• Driving dyanmics and chassis technology
• Axles, brakes, steerings, wheels
• Engines: thermodynamics, operating materials, exhaust gases
• Engine architecture: cranc train, valve train, charging …
• Powertrain, clutches, transmission
• Hybrid and electric drive

Learning outcomes

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Mode of delivery

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Assessment methods and criteria