Industrial Management

Production Management

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

• Production systems and types
• Production and cost functions
• Production planning
• Basic data
• Programme planning
• Planning dates
• Planning capacity
• Planning potential and devising it
• Integrated planning approaches

Learning outcomes

The students are able to
• understand the cross-disciplinary function and importance of logistics for companies
(internal/external; procurement/production/sales)
• define and analyse logistical chains
• evaluate information and material flow, and also logistics services for customers
• apply logistics planning (from initial demand right through to demand satisfaction).
• apply ABC/XYZ analysis
• derive make-or-buy decisions
• apply the basic principles of supply chain management
• derive logistics costs and the degree of service as a central element of logistics management accounting
• analyse cost factors in a manufacturing company in terms of humans, machines and materials
• apply the most important planning fields in production planning, as well the the according tools.
• interpret the critical approaches to increase potential in strategic production management.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

• Brunner/Hanusch: Logistik und Supply Chain Management
• Christopher: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Creating Value Adding
• Schulte: Logistik - Wege zur Optimierung der Supply Chain
• Zsifkovits: Logistik
• Corsten: Produktionswirtschaft
• Hoitsch: Produktionswirtschaft

The lecturer agrees to pass on an updated list of recommended literature to the students in accordance with the syllabus.
• ZWF - Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb
• Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
• Verkehr
• Industrie 4.0 Management
• Logistik heute

Mode of delivery

Integrated lecture

Prerequisites and co-requisites

first year of study

Assessment methods and criteria

Exam and continuous assessment