Information Design

Package Design

Seminar, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

Change of meaning of package design, visions for the future and new technologies, communication of the POS, possibilities of communication of packaging, psychological effects of colours and forms, the trend towards added benefits, marketing, advertisement and branding. Development of packaging.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge expansion in specific areas

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Braungart, M.; McDonough, W.: Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things. New York 2002; El-Haggar, S.: Sustainable industrial design and waste management. Cradle-to-cradle for sustainable development. Burlington 2007; Ralf BOHN, Heiner WILHARM (Hg.), Inszenierung und Ereignis. Beiträge zur Theorie und Praxis der Szenografie, Bielefeld 2009; Matthias GÖTZ (Hg.), Villa Paragone. Thesen zum Ausstellen, Basel 2008; Uwe REINHARDT, Philipp Teufel (Hg.), Neue Ausstellungsgestaltung 02/ New Exhibition Design 02, Ludwigsburg 2010; Scenography/Szenografie. Making Spaces talk/Narrative Räume. Projects/Projekte; Virgil WIDRICH et al. (Hg.), Inszenierung und neue Medien, Wien-New York 2011; Larry Ullman, PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites, Addison-Wesley 2011; Alex Steffen (Hg.), World Changing: A User´s Guide For The 21st Century, 2011;

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Assessment methods and criteria