Information Design

Project Management and Entrepreneurship

Seminar, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

  • The course 2019 will be offered from  October – November, 2019 and is structured in modules:

    Leadership – Week 1:

    Time Management – Week 2:

    Entrepreneurship - Week 3:

  • Overall learning objectives

    In this course participants should be able to:

    • Experience combination of e-learning and GBL
    • Acquire various competences for project management
      • acquire professional competences in project management to define and structure a project (project leadership and time management)
      • gain methodological competences in project management (using communication platforms, transfer and link expertise to ongoing projects of the own company, giving feedback to team members)
      • practice your on-line social skills (communication and interaction, reflection, self-initiative and taking your own responsibility)
      • enhance individual competence for pro-active behavior (learning to learn, defining goals, assessing its achievements, developing customized solutions)
    • Learn from and with each other
    • Reflect upon efficacy of different online activities
    • Develop strategies to transform learned competences to their problem are

Learning outcomes

Knowing / Training Project Management Competences (Technical Competences: Time Management, Leadership, Timely Delivery, Methodical Competencies: Platform Utilization & PM Tools, Social Skills: Online Communication and Interaction with Employers and Team; Practice project including documentation of the same using a project manual

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

All needed materials like ebooks, articels, TED talks, a.s.o. can be found at  Virtueller Campus 

Mode of delivery

Method and didactics. The course is divided into two parts - 50% is in the form of an online course, and 50% is project work, where the learned contents are applied in a specific individual project.

Phase 1 is offered as an intensive online course limited to three weeks. The activities to be carried out (e-Tivities) not only serve to impart technical and methodological skills, but also promote social and personal competences, such as online interaction, learning to learn and personal responsibility. Didactically, the course builds on several learning concepts and supports collaborative, self-directed, project-oriented and reflective learning.

Phase 2 includes the application of the developed contents on the basis of a concrete practical project including documentation of the same on the basis of a project manual or a start up idea.



Prerequisites and co-requisites

All learning materials, such as ebooks, articles, videos, etc. are made available on the virtual campus of FH JOANNEUM.

Assessment methods and criteria

For confirmation of successful participation in the e-learning part of the course, accomplishment of 60% of tasks is needed.

The grade is composed of max 50 points from the on-line course and max 50 points for the project work. Maximum amount of points is 100.

• 58 points and more => 4 • 71 points and more => 3 • 81 points and more => 2 • 91 points and more => 1