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To graduate from your degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce two Bachelor’s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)”.

Bachelor’s theses

You will write the first thesis in the fourth semester. The topics are essentially determined by the faculty’s supervisors. Students select from a list of topics within a specified time limit. Students can also submit their own topics, provided they relate to the content of certain classes and modules in the third and fourth semester. Students’ own suggestions have to be checked with the supervisor.

In the first thesis students have to research a relevant topic thoroughly by reviewing the literature. Students must present and discuss their results in line with academic criteria. Reference should preferably be made to English language literature. At least one reference to a relevant work written in English is required.

In the fifth semester students produce a practical Bachelor’s thesis as part of the Interdisciplinary Project course. Although the thesis is produced in the context of this particular course, it should be regarded as an independent original piece of work. Students should develop the theoretical background to the project. The relevant implementation aspects should be presented, related to the theory and critically discussed. As the topic is chosen within the context of the project, students can have a say in identifying a topic.

A synopsis is produced at the start of each thesis and approved by the supervisor. The degree programme’s faculty and research assistants are available for thesis supervision. Several supervisors from different subject areas can be involved.

Both theses are essentially independent original pieces of work. If, in exceptional cases, students work together on a topic, the output of the students involved must be able to be assessed separately.

Bachelor’s examination

Students sit the final examination at the end of the sixth semester after the two theses have been approved and the internship completed. The examination is an oral exam before an examination board made up of a chairperson (usually the head of degree programme), the thesis supervisors and a lecturer proficient in English, as at least one of the theses must be submitted in English. Examination boards consist of three to four examiners.

In the examination students give a presentation on each of their theses and then answer questions on them and how they are connected to relevant subjects within the curriculum. The examination lasts 45 minutes, with 10 minutes for the general presentation of the two theses, 10 minutes for the discussion of the first thesis and 15 minutes for the second, usually more comprehensive, thesis.

After graduation

After graduating, you can specialise further by enrolling on the Master’s degree programme in Information Management or another relevant course at FH JOANNEUM or other university. Alternatively you can start work immediately in a variety of sectors ranging, for example, from companies using information and communications technologies, software producers and IT system houses to management consultancies, the media and online services.