DI (FH) Mario Fraiß

Mario Fraiß took the plunge of setting up his own business, FRAISS IT GmbH, after completing his Information Management studies. He is supported as CEO by three co-founders.


Key data

Job description: CEO and Founder
Company: FRAISS IT GmbH
I work in: Graz, Austria
I've worked here since: 2009


Social URLs:

What I do:

  • Creating and developing strategic partnerships
  • Attracting new customers and tapping new business fields
  • Shaping the company vision and strategies for the future.

Why I love my job:

  • I have three great co-founders, who support me in my management tasks.
  • I ‘work’ each day with numerous friends, which means work simply doesn’t seem like work.
  • The job offers opportunities for fulfilment at all levels.

What I don't like so much about my job:

  • Customers or partners who do not value or respect our employees
  • Excessive bureaucracy and artificial complexity in different areas
  • Dishonest and unreliable business partners

Important skills in my job:

  • Stamina and consistency
  • Leadership qualities and assertiveness
  • Ability to organise and structure your own work

My biggest success

I am proud of what has been established and developed over the past decade; the accomplishment of starting in the home office and becoming a successful company. I'm proud that I have kept my feet on the ground through all of this and never have lost sight of my objectives.

How I found my current job:

That is easy to answer: through the decision to strike out on my own. The forward path was marked out by the right people, perseverance, successes and failures, learning processes and just the right amount of sheer good luck.

What I learned for this job during my studies:

I gained important basic knowledge of many fields during my studies and would consider myself as an all-rounder. In addition to this, courses in software development, management and corporate governance also provided an important foundation for my current professional activities.

Job prospects in my field:

Difficult question. I don’t believe that everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. You need to have a lot of qualities, and also the right timing. I think the prospects of finding an outstanding job in IT or digitalisation are very good, because the world is becoming ever more digital and automation can be found in nearly every sector.

I am …

  • determined
  • persistent
  • visionary

About my job:

I count myself very fortunate, because my daily working life is almost exclusively concerned with things that really interest me, on top of this I am surrounded by people who I value a lot. I am really looking forward to the next ten years of FRAISS, to the internationalisation drive we are about to launch, the development of joint ventures and continued healthy organic growth. Digitalisation and IT are exciting fields with daily changes and developments, which constantly add new interest to the work we do. It is of special importance to me that I can rely on my team and that we are all moving together in the same direction.

My advice to all graduates who want to strike out as entrepreneurs, or have already done so, is not to take this path alone. Find partners: this will make everything so much easier and you will have someone to help you through the inevitable 'slumps' along the way.

At this point I would like to thank my three co-founders, who over the years have become an integral part of the management team, and without whom FRAISS would not be what it is today.