DI Eva Maria Klampfer BSc

Eva Maria Klampfer works in professional project management in the IT sector for the city of Graz.


Key data

Job description: IT project management
Company: ITG Informationstechnik Graz GmbH
I work in: Graz, Austria
I’ve worked here since: 2011

What I do:

I am responsible for implementing IT projects in the city of Graz. This includes communication with customers and suppliers, definition of specifications, ongoing controlling of project costs and timetables and coordination of resources and activities within the project team through to the end of the project.

Why I love my job:

  • Variety due to the broad range of project topics
  • Contact and communication with exciting (and sometimes ‘challenging’) customers
  • Helpful colleagues

Important skills in my job:

Taking pleasure in communications and a high level of team skills are the core of project management. You will be very successful if you have a strong personality with assertiveness and perseverance.

My biggest accomplishment so far:

I am very proud of myself and my project team. We worked together to complete a very complex project for a very challenging customer over a period of three years; even though the project was not always fun.

How I found my current job:

Initially, I officially applied for a different (technical) position in the company which I had for a few months. Then I transferred internally to a project management role.

What I learned for this job during my studies:

The large number of team-working and individual projects I completed during my course were good practice for my current job. The theoretical content covered during the classes in Basics of Project Management (Bachelor’s) and Change Management in Organisations (Master’s) also helped me to learn the ropes in the profession. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – the course cannot prepare you for everything. Everyone needs to gather their own practical experience and this experience really is priceless.

Job prospects in my field:

Professional project management is always required for the implementation of complex projects in the IT environment. Job prospects are sometimes more difficult for newcomers with no professional experience because practical experience is usually required or desired in this field.

I am:

  • communicative
  • optimistic
  • humorous

About my job:

Since I ideally wanted to remain in my home town, I only looked on the Graz job market and found something after just a month. I enjoy our company’s location right in the city centre and the fantastic opportunity to get to know lots of different personalities through the 4,000+ customers. The flexi-time approach means that I am free to manage my own working hours, which is very welcome on beautiful summer days. We have a good working atmosphere and have fun at and during work.