Department of Management

International Hospitality and Spa Management

After Graduation


New career opportunities

Our graduates can take up positions managing a spa as a business unit or as an independent enterprise but are equally qualified to work in hotel management where they take business decisions related to the operation of in-house spa facilities.

Graduates of this course have an integrative understanding of the diverse requirements and the operative and strategic tasks involved in hospitality and spa management and continually extend their know-how in the course of their professional activities. They assume management roles at the interface between health and tourism working, for example, as:

  • Spa managers with interdisciplinary responsibilities in the fields of finance, marketing, human resources management through to customer relationship management
  • Marketing and sales managers in hotels with/without health tourism facilities
  • Strategic organisational planning experts in companies and organisations operating health tourism facilities (spa chains, wellness hotels, destination spas, day spas etc.)
  • Coordinators of human resources development projects in hotels and spas
  • Project managers responsible for budgeting, financing, human resources and business planning in companies involved in the development of spa and hotel projects
  • Self-employed consultants in operative and strategic spa management