International Industrial Management

Diploma thesis/Master Thesis

Diploma Thesis, 23.00 ECTS


Course content

• Analysis of the assignment
• Devising and developing new, theoretical principles; assessment of different alternative solutions, also based on contemporarily incomplete research.
• Independetly developing a solution to the problem
• Completing a final, scientific paper in the form of a Master's thesis.

Learning outcomes

The students are able to
• apply various different scientific methods adequately. (3)
• evaluate a professionally relevant question independently, in accordance with scientific and academic criteria. (6)
• illustrate new findings in writing, using scientific language
• defend the newly-learned insights in a scientific presentation (6)

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

• Theisen: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
• Karmasin/Ribing: Die Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten, Ein Leitfaden für Haus-, Seminar- und Diplomarbeiten sowie Dissertationen
• Day: How to write & publish a scientific paper
• Davis: Scientific papers and presentations
• Ascheron: Die Kunst des wissenschaftlichen Präsentierens und Publizierens

The lecturer agrees to communicate an updated list of recommended literature in accordance with the syllabus.

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

• Knowledge of scientific work during the course of the Bachelor's programme.
• Writing a bachelor's thesis or similar paper

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of Diploma thesis/Diploma Exam