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The Internet Technology degree programme places great importance on gaining hands-on experience. Projects in the fourth and fifth semester provide the opportunity to put individual subject areas into practice – often together with clients in business and industry. Our students work in small, often interdisciplinary, groups. They are faced with real-world problems in a range of projects, in which they learn to develop and examine a variety of practical solutions using their theoretical knowledge. This allows our students to gain practical experience from an early stage in their studies, facilitating their entry into working life. The project in the fifth semester can also be linked to the Bachelor's thesis.

Current student projects

NASCA – Navigation as Source for Creative Art

Navigating with technical equipment such as smartphones is widespread throughout society and has great significance for mobility. In order to teach school pupils about this technical subject in an accessible manner, the NASCA project quickly involves the pupils themselves as an element in the design process. By means of coordinated movements outdoors and storing of the GPS coordinates, the human body acts like a 'pen', drawing shapes in the landscape. The software needed to record the data is developed as a web app by researchers and pupils working together.

The resulting artworks are collected on the NASCA web platform

The NASCA project was developed by the Institute of Internet Technologies & Applications at FH JOANNEUM, the Austrian Electrotechnical Association with its online platform, Atelier Cremsner and the University of Teacher Education Styria. The aim of the project is to awaken an interest in geo-positioning technology and processes in pupils from the age of 6 to 18.

  • Duration: 01/04/2014 – 31/10/2015
  • Project manager: FH-Prof. Dr. Franz Niederl