IT Law & Management

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

The course Entrepreneurship is dedicated to help the students as entrepreneurs make educated decisions about starting and growing their businesses. The students aim to promote the economy, through the development of products and services that encourage entrepreneurship and support business growth. They will be informed about financial government support programmes.

Learning outcomes

The students should be given a first structured overview of the principles of general business administration and management techniques. Students acquire also skills to resolve conflicts in organizations as well as skills to assess risks in IT work.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Bücher: Becker, Grundlagen der Unternehmensfinanzierung, ISBN 3-478-37450-2; SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS: A FRAMEWORK ON CD-ROM FOR IT AND TECHNOLOGY 2003 - 10th EDITION; Hinterhuber: Strategische Unternehmensführung; Gutschelhofer: Controllingorientierte Unternehmensführung;Baum, Coenenberg: Günther: Strategisches Controlling; Lock: Projektmanagement; Fiedler: Einführung in das Controlling; Fiedler: Controlling von Projekten; Friedag, Schmidt: e-Controlling; Michael: Projektcontrolling Fachzeitschriften

Mode of delivery

Theoretical introduction to the topic by means of a lecture
Independent development of a business plan
Presentation of a business plan

Prerequisites and co-requisites

basic business knowledge

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation of the business plan and the presentation