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The drawing up of Service Level Agreements (SLA) becomes necessary in that IT operational models such as Managed or Hosting Services cannot clearly be categorised as a single legal contract type (e.g. service, project or rental contract). Rather they are much more a mixture from service, project or rental contracts. In order to clearly establish the quality parameter of a management service in contractual terms, a special agreement between provider and client is necessary. This is usually set forth on the basis of the so-called SLA. The establishment of an SLA is an important instrument for the balanced regulation of the service quality. For example, it regulates the availability, response and recovery times, extent of the services, processes in the case of failure and sanctions in the case of the provider's non-performance. A binding regulation of the Service Levels makes for a clear relationship and avoids inconsistencies with regard to contractually-established duties. For this reason are able to handle the following points when working with SLAs:Clear and unambiguous formulation; No contradictions with the main agreement; Guarantee only what we can deliver; Availability as well as its measurability is precisely regulated; Change management; Malfunction and problem management (clearly determined response and recovery times) ; Standard compensation for damage incurred Reporting (common establishment of the contents and the layout of the reporting with the client)

Learning outcomes

Students gain knowledge, how law, economics and IT have to interact when setting up such an SLA.

Negotiations skills and contract management (life cylce) are also gained in that LV through group work.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

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Zeitschriften IT-Recht (ua):


            Austrian Law Journal


Getting to yes, Fisher et al

Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basics in contract law

Assessment methods and criteria

LV immanente Leistungsbeurteilung (activity in class), Homework and exam