IT Law & Management

Seminar, 4.00 ECTS



Ethical analysis and the assessment of implications of technological development form an integral part of modern societies. They are important elements of social and political discourses. The seminar aims at facilitating a deeper analysis of the complex dependencies between technology, society and economy, on the one hand, and ethical considerations on the other hand. The participants will become familiar with the discipline of applied ethics, especially with the differences between descriptive and normative approaches in the context of technology assessment.


The students are able to understand basic concepts of applied ethics in the context of economic and technological processes. They acquire the competence to recognize ethically relevant questions as such, to deal with them in ethical categories and to examine their practical consequences. They will gain an overview of the questions and methods of technology assessment and learn to reflect on the social implications of new technologies.


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Learning Method



In-class activities / written assessment / term paper