IT Law & Management

Lecture, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

The lecture is dedicated to the key aspect of public economic law/public law of economic constitution and private economic law (contract law, company law, law of incorporeal things, industrial law) which are also relevant in practice. The students shall be provided with a fundamental overview of the most important effects of economic law on the basis of examples.

Learning outcomes

Basic knowlege about:

contract law

company law

law of incorporeal things

industrial law 

Mode of delivery

The lecture takes place as periods of attendance during the course of the term. Within the framework of these periods, pertinent specialized topics are to be elaborated and presented by the students in small groups. The thereby pursued objective is to convey the independent elaboration of specialized practical problems in teams to the students.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

§ main features of the economic constitution

§ registration of an “IT business”

§ foundation of an “IT-Ldt”

§ main features of the product safety law

§ main features of the data protection law

§ main features of the telecommunication law

Assessment methods and criteria

A basis of valuation is formed by the project (written elaboration and presentation) as well as by taking an active part in the lectures.