IT Law & Management

Integrated course, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

As a generic term, media law encompasses the branches of public law and civil law that legally regulate individual and mass (universal) information and communication. Thus, the use and usability of media-transmitted content is regulated by law. Among other things, it deals with telecommunications law, e-commerce law and law, KSchG, domain law, signature law

Learning outcomes

Obtaining an understanding of the specific legal and societal significance of media and telecommunications law.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Holoubek/Kassai/Traimer, Grundzüge des Rechts der Massenmedien5 (2014)


sowie im weiteren Kontext, auszugsweise


Bydlinski, Grundzüge des Privatrechts8 (2010)

Grünwald/Hauser, Privates Wirtschaftsrecht4 (2011)

Krejci, Privatrecht8 (2010)

Wiebe (Hrsg), Wettbewerbs- und Immaterialgüterrecht (2010)

Gamerith, Wettbewerbsrecht I UWG7 (2011)

Kneihs/Bydlinski/Vollmaier, Einführung in das österreichische Recht2 (2014)


Mode of delivery


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Assessment methods and criteria

VO final examination, UE-immanent examination character


Performance reviews, consisting of

1. Written examination (90%)

2. Cooperation (10%)


1. Written examination


•60 minutes


• 5 questions


• 2 groups


•By appointment



24                         -             21,5       1

21                         -             18,5       2

18                         -             15,5       3

15                         -             13          4