Journalism and Public Relations (PR)

Media Economics and Entrepreneurship Competencies

Integrated course, 6.00 ECTS


Course content

This course covers economics basics, points out aspects of media management at a macro and a meso level and provides an introduction to entrepreneurship. On the basis of basic micro-economic concepts such as supply and demand, market and market function, price, pricing and competition, macro-economic basics such as business cycle indicators are explored. Hence, the media industry is discussed in terms of economic particuliarities, reasons for market failure and market conditions in relation to business strategies. Entrepreneurial as well as project management skills are at the center of the micro level of media management. The following topics are dealt with: business plan, corporate decisions, financing, creativity techniques and corporate culture, innovation and innovation processes, idea generation, corporate strategies and goals, and project management (objectives/milestones, deliverables/scope, schedule, leadership/stakeholders, time management, resource planning and budgetting, controlling & project manual)

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