Food: Product and Process Design

Master Thesis Seminar

Seminar, 5.00 ECTS


Course content

Introduction into the use of online data and literature resources, personal contact to researchers and possible project funding.
Exchange of experience with colleagues and faculty members.
Peer coaching, peer reviewing, presentations.
Developing a personal career vision.
Laboratory and technical center can be used up to 50 hrs (e.g. experiments, analytics).

Learning outcomes

Participants define, plan and complete a specific transdisciplinary task from their company that integrates the key modules of the degree programme (product and process development, quality and legal compliance management).
Participants are able to apply scientific methods, profit from cooperation with external experts and research organisations and to document their work in a thesis they also defend during the final exam.
Participants reflect on their personal development during their studies and project these finding onto their career plans.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Books: according to selected topic
Journals: according to selected topic

Mode of delivery

Integrated Course

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Courses and professional practice of the program

Assessment methods and criteria

Master Thesis and Exam