English Warm-Up 1

Seminar, 3.00 ECTS


Lernergebnisse der LV

Do you want to brush up on your English and get a head start on your next semester? Then this English Warm-Up course is for you! We will review the main grammatical and syntactical concepts of intermediate English (such as present and past simple/progressive, present perfect, and future tenses; active vs. passive voice; adjective and adverbs; comparatives and superlatives; prepositions; if sentences; questions; word order; linking; etc.) and hone your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through interactive, learner-centered, and communicative exercises. Based on an evaluation of your personal strengths in English, you will also receive individualized feedback to develop your own plan for further self-study.

Art der Vermittlung

Kommunikativer Unterricht mit dem Schwerpunkt auf den vier Kompetenzen Hören, Sprechen, Lesen sowie Schreiben in einem interessanten kulturellen Kontext.

Prüfungsmethode und Beurteilungskriterien

Die Bewertungsmodalitäten werden in der ersten Einheit bekannt gegeben.