International Management

Project: International Market Entry

Project thesis, 5.00 ECTS


Course content

Students collaborate closely with a real-life company. Students provide a company with decision guidance on a pre-specified company need (e.g. international market selection or international market entry mode choice) based on profound market research. The class enables students to act as consultants to a company and to manage a project throughout the whole project lifeclycle, i.e. from project design to project presentation in front of the client. This course is based on a combination of instructor-led lectures, excursions with guest lectures, individual and group work and group discussions.

Learning outcomes

This hands-on course provides students with a deeper understanding of complex problems in the internationalization process and a solution-oriented approach to composing international market entry strategies.Students assume the roles of consultants and go through each phase of a professional project, thereby developing comptences such as:
1. understanding the costumer need through active listening,
2. drawing up a project proposal,
3. setting up a project team and work in larger teams,
4. applying project management tools,
5. presenting the results of the project to the client and
6. preparing a written executive report
In this module students apply theoretical knowledge aquired in M1, M6, M8 and M12 in a practical project to allow in-depth competence learning.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Albaum/Duerr: International Marketing and Export Management (2016).
Apfelthaler/Fuchs: Management Internationaler Geschäftstätigkeit (2008).
International Business Review
Journal of Business Research
Joural of International Business Studies
Research data: Statistical databases, industry and country reports

Mode of delivery

PT, 2 groups, 3 SWS, 6 ASWS

Prerequisites and co-requisites

M1, M6, M8, M12

Assessment methods and criteria

Executive report, executive presentations, project management handbook