Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Analysis

Protein design and engineering

Integrated course, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

In silico modelling, possibilities of structure change (mutagenseis, synthetic biology, tags, fusion proteins) production systems, practical examples from vaccine development, dietary supplements, medication.

Learning outcomes

The students can (1) plan, evaluate and carry out molecular diagnostic tests. In (2) the field of gene therapy they are able to compare practical, ethical and legal aspects and can generate concrete solution statements. (3) In the field of protein engineering they can make a protein design plan from bioinformatic modelling to the production of the desired recombinant protein. (4) The students can contrast principles and methods and opportunities and risks of personalized medicine. (5) They can formulate and evaluate ethical problems in biomedicine. (6) They can generate solutions to multidisciplinary problems in molecular techniques.