Nachhaltiges Lebensmittelmanagement

Global Food Systems Analysis

Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung, 5.00 ECTS



Based on the food system approach the challenges to provide food for a growing population in urban and suburban regions will be discussed. The situation of Austrian large and medium-sized cities will be analysed. The findings and results of the research project Smart Food Grid Graz are taken into account: Making the regional food supply in Graz and its surrounding fit for the future was the goal of the Smart-City exploratory study, carried out in 2017. The result is a concept which will identify how 30 % of the food required in Graz can be sourced from within a 30 km radius by the year 2030. (see The module consists of three phases / parts: 1. Introduction into global food systems and urban food strategies 2. Research and analysis of national international and good practices 3. Planning and implementation of an own research project, interviews and surveys with selected stakeholders

Lernergebnisse der LV

Review of scientific literature
• Searching for good practice, interpretation of findings
• Identifying problems of urban and suburban regions
• Developing solutions for specific actors (pilot/research project)

Empfohlene oder verpflichtende Fachliteratur und andere Lernressourcen bzw. –instrumente

An initial reading list will be provided.

Art der Vermittlung

• Theoretical input (lecture) and interactive discussion • Research and presentation of (international) good practice examples • Implementation of own research project

Voraussetzungen und Begleitbedingungen

None besides genuine interest in research, critical thinking and inter-disciplinary problem-solving.

Prüfungsmethode und Beurteilungskriterien

1. Review of scientific literature (20% of grade)
2. Regional and international good practice examples (presentation in class, peer-review,) (40 % of grade)
3. Own research project (40 % of grade)