Production Technology and Organization

Fluid Mechanics

Integrated course, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

Course Contents:
• Properties of liquids and gases
• Fluid statics (pressure distribution in liquids, forces on immersed surfaces, forces on and stability of buoyant bodies)
• Aerostatics (atmospheric composition and layering)
• Fundamentals of fluid dynamics
- Conservation of mass, momentum and energy
- Dimensional analysis and similitude
- Laminar and turbulent fluid flow
- Fundamentals of boundary layer flow
• Incompressible, steady fluid flow
- Viscous flow in pipes and closed ducts
- Pressure losses in pipe systems
- External flows - Lift and drag
- Basic theory of aerodynamics
• Fundamentals of compressible fluid flow
• Fundamentals of turbo-machines
• Basics in flow meausuring techniques

Learning outcomes

Course Objectives:

Students acquire:
Comprehensive knowledge in fluid mechanics

Students should be able to:
- analyze technical tasks in fluid- and aerostatics and solve problems given
- grasp and understand the core principles of fluid mechanics
- apply methodical principles when dealing with tasks in fluid mechanics
- explain phenomena like boundary layer flow, lift and drag on objects and airfoils in external flows
- describe the working principles of turbo machines
- analyze and solve problems in fluid mechanics by means of the scientific and engineering methods taught

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Course script / handout; W. Bohl: Technische Strömungslehre; J. H. Spurk, N. Asel: Strömungslehre, F. Durst: Grundlagen der Strömungsmechanik; H. Sigloch: Technische Fluidmechanik; K. Gersten: Einführung in die Strömungsmechanik; C. Tropea, S. Grundmann: Aerodynamik; J. Strybny: Ohne Panik Strömungsmechanik; W. Wagner: Strömung und Druckverlust;

Mode of delivery

Lectures and tutorials

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Mathematics 1 & 2; Engineering statics and dynamics, mechanics of materials

Assessment methods and criteria

Class participation, home work, final exam