Production Technology and Organization

Materials Handling Technology 1 (handling equipment)

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

Machinery and system components of conveyor technology with a focus on handling equipment and their classification and application areas. Selection of handling equipment components for production purposes according to different requirements. Calculation of the relevant machine elements of hoists, industrial trucks, etc. such as:
• Ropes
• Chains
• Castors and wheels
• Brakes
• Drive components and gearboxes
• Drive power and torque of motors

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the students should have understood the basics of materials handling technology in order to be able to recognize problems in the design and to be able to independently solve the tasks they have set themselves. After completing the course, students can:
• Define areas of application of hoists and cranes and their designs based on given requirements
• Differentiate elevators based on valid regulations (standards and laws) and define their specific characteristics
• Assign industrial trucks based on their technical structure and respective fields of application and select them on the basis of given requirements
• Carry out basic calculations of hoisting and crane system components

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Lecture notes; handouts; H.-J. Zebisch: Fördertechnik 1 und 2; H. Pfeifer: Grundlagen der Fördertechnik; R. Griemert, P. Römisch: Fördertechnik: Auswahl und Berechnung von Elementen und Baugruppen; E. G. Weyhausen: Berechnung elektrischer Förderanlagen; Th. Schmidt: Innerbetriebliche Logistik;

Mode of delivery

Lectures and tutorials

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Statics, dynamics, structural mechanics, machine elements and design theory 1 & 2

Assessment methods and criteria

Written or oral exam