Software Design

Dynamic Web

Integrated course, 2.50 ECTS



This course focuses on the server side technologies of dynamic webpages and on the communication duties between web client and web server. HTTP Request/Response, Sessions, Cookies, Mimetypes, user Input, Up- and Download, Mail, Database connection, AJAX

Learning outcome from related module

On completion of the module, students have basic knowledge
about the function of dynamic, interactive web applications with
respect to browser, server and protocols. Students are able to
design, implement, configure, test and administer
applications/systems on their own.

Literature from related module

Books: HTML5: Up and Running, Mark Pilgrim O'Reilly 2010
Ajax, Christian Wenz, 2010
Einführung in XHTML, CSS und Webdesign, Michael Jendryschik,
Addison-Wesley 2008
Dynamische Webseiten in der Praxis: PHP, My SQL, CSS,
JavaScript, XHTML und Ajax, Philipp Rieber, Mitp, 2009
Professional Journals: -

Learning Method

1 ECTS Lecture, 1,5 ECTS Tutorial


Lecture: Final Exam, Tutorial: Continuous Assessment