Technical Documentation

Visual Design, Layout and Typography

Integrated course, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

  • Basics of graphic design of print and online products

  • Gestalt laws, color theories, format selection, layout raster

  • Macro typography: page format, text area, text flow, text / image / tables / white space, font size, colors

  • Micro typography: font families, font, special characters, tracking

  • Difference between word processing and layout software

  • Tools: word processing and DTP programs (MS Word, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker), working methods and suitability for technical documentation, templates, sample pages

  • Production for print or screen (online / offline)

  • Interaction of sentence program, image processing and image viewing

Learning outcomes

The students will learn the following topics in this course:

  • The students know the basics and terms of standardization, structuring, modularization and single source publishing / intelligent content.

  • The students are familiar with SGML standard development and specific applications and derivations.

  • The students know the implementation in practice with methods and models.

  • The students are familiar with common software programs for the implementation of structured content creation.

  • The students learn to design, plan and evaluate a design concept independently with design, layout and typography »Technical Documentation.

  • The students can visually implement what they have learned in a design project for the functionality and handling of a technical product.

  • The students can describe the basic workings of popular desktop publishing systems.

  • The students can professionally set up and safely operate selected layout programs.

  • The students can implement task-specific layouts and content in the tools.

  • The students can quickly learn and use new software products for layout design.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

  • Lecture notes

  • Schneeberger, Hans Peter "Adobe InDesign CC - Das umfassende Handbuch"

  • Gulbins, J. & Kahrmann, C. "Mut zur Typographie"

  • Runk, C. "Grundkurs Typografie und Layout, Galileo Design"

  • Korthaus, C. "Grundkurs Grafik und Gestaltung: Für Ausbildung und Praxis, Rheinwerk Design"

Mode of delivery

Presence course, eLearning

Prerequisites and co-requisites

According to access requirement

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of ongoing, written work or contributions in the eLearning phases.