Technical Documentation

Online Introductory Course

Seminar, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

  • Teambuilding

  • Online Communication

  • Job description: Activity - Work equipment - Work area - Requirements - Overview of standards and regulations.

  • Significance of the Technical Documentation: Origins - Current status - Outlook - Tasks within the company.

  • Training Paths: Further opportunities to acquire theoretical knowledge in the job description of the technical writer.

  • What belongs to the technical documentation: Internal technical documentation vs. External Technical Documentation - Legal Areas for Technical Documentation.

  • Excursus Time Management: Valuable tips and process-oriented possibilities for successfully completing the part-time Master's degree program.

Learning outcomes

The students know how to communicate online and how to use moodle. The students learn important information about the profession of technical editor. The students get to know the content of a technical editor and get to know the typical work equipment.
Students can differentiate between external technical documentation and internal technical documentation.
The students get an overview of applicable standards and guidelines that are used in the profession of technical writer.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

  • Lecture notes

  • DIN ISO 15226:2017-03 "Technische Produktdokumentation - Lebenszyklusmodell und Zuordnung von Dokumenten"

  • Drewer, P., & Ziegler, W. "Technische Dokumentation - Übersetzungsgerechte Texterstellung und Content Management"

  • Herrmann, C. "Ganzheitliches Life Cyclemanagement - Nachhaltigkeit und Lebenszyklusorientierung in Unternehmen"

  • Kothes, L. "Grundlagen der Technischen Dokumentation"

Mode of delivery

Presence course, eLearning

Prerequisites and co-requisites

According to access requirement

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of ongoing, written work or contributions in the eLearning phases.