Technical Documentation

Usability and user-centered Design 1

Integrated course, 2.00 ECTS


Course content

Course Content - Basics of Perception Psychology and Sensory System Physiology - Basics of Usability and Accessability - UX Vs. Usability, Basics of Information Acquisition, Basics of Information Processing, Basics of an Experience, 14 Strategies of Simplification - User Orientation - Theoretical Aspects of Communication Psychology (eg Transmitter-Receiver Model, 4 Pages of a Message) - Communication Psychology, Information Research, Interview Techniques, Interviewing - Cognitive Psychology - Practical Consequences for Text Production Teaching Objectives / Acquisition of Competence Students can - understand the basics of perceptual psychology and incorporate them as a basis for creating target group-oriented multimedia documentation. - understand and apply the basics of usability and user-friendly technical documentation. - develop a concept for an information product based on a method and create the information product. - name the main structural elements of general didactics and instruction design. - Discuss peculiarities of audio-visual perception. Literature Recommendation Skriptum Göpferich, Susanne: Intercultural Technical Writing: Providing Specialist Appropriateness - A Teaching and Workbook, Tübingen, 1998 Ebel, Hans-Friedrich; Claus Bliefert; Walter Greulich: Writing and Publishing in the Sciences, Weinheim, 2006 Goldstein, E. Bruce. Perception Psychology: The Basic Course. Springer 2015, 9th edition.