Technical Documentation

Practice-oriented Topics

Seminar, 3.00 ECTS


Course content

Course contents - Discussion of selected project scenarios with practical relevance: - Risk analysis - Methods and tools of 3D visualization - Processing of CAD data - Technical documentation in medical technology - Cost optimization of print publications by selecting an optimal printing method Learning objectives / Learning competencies. The students learn to deal with typical scenarios that may occur in your professional practice, applying their acquired knowledge in practice over the past two semesters. Recommended Literature Relevant literature from the semester 1 and 2 courses


Risk assessment

Practical implementation of the process of risk reduction according to EN ISO 12100 based on a product, target group analysis, definition of machine limits, risk analysis, risk assessment and risk assessment, design safety and warning notices based on standards       



Technical illustrations from CAD data. Creation of exploded assembly drawings and assembly instructions with different media, renderings and animations, composition of 3D data and editing.



The students learn which laws and standards are already barrier-free and how tools are meaningfully used in the context of this topic. An insight into the world of accessibility gives possible impulses and implementation suggestions for your companies.


Customer documentation in medical technology

Instructions for Use, Dos and Don’ts for medical instructions based on practical examples, target group analysis


Agile Method

  • Term definition „Agile“
  • Overviewpf agile methodes
  • The agilemanifesto
  • Agile methods in detail:
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Lean Developement
    • Rational Unified Process und Open UP
    • XP – Extreme Programming
  • Performing a scrum simulation