Technical Documentation

Media Production

Integrated course, 5.00 ECTS


Course content

  • Basics of dramaturgy: film and video analysis, task areas of a video production, artistic concepts, disposition, screenplay, creation of a production schedule, language and structure of screenplays and storyboards, navigation structure (user interface design), practical aspects of film production, audio and video production, utility movies, hybrid documentation and mobile documentation
  • Animation 2D/3D
  • Video technology, basic rules of lighting, audio recording, non-linear editing, editing of video and audio with professional software, cutting style, video file formats and their use, creation of effects
  • didactic instruction manual concepts for different target groups, specifics in video editing for instruction manuals (methodical-didactical workflow)
  • Workflow for implementing real projects: in the practical part of this class, raw material is being edited and short video-based manuals are being created. The work is being done in groups and encompasses everything from recording/editing video to creation of practical applications
  • 3D animation und illustration, 3D modelling, rendering, lighting, materials, working with 3D software and the basics of selected applications
  • Specific task: constructionof a frame-based animation for technical documentation, based on a storyboard and CAD raw material, virtual cameras for perspective and point-of-view, enhancement of the 3D view through additional constructive parts, showing/hiding of specific parts, adding sound and corporate design elements for high-end presentations (e.g. convention animations), adding virtual 3D elements to real video
  • Interactive media: tutorials, interactive PDFs, augmented/virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), software for implementation: Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, Cinema 4D, Blender, Processing etc.

Learning outcomes

The students can

  • explain the different means of video design
  • edit videos in non-linear editing software and output the result in a suitable format
  • handle a digital lens reflex camera during video shooting
  • handle basic techniques of audio recording and digitally edit recordings
  • plan, design and implement simple video projects
  • create targeted concepts for video-based manuals
  • analyse and explain 3D animation use cases
  • create a concept for a frame-based animation including storyboard
  • implement a simple 3D animation with an established application