Technical Documentation

Online Documentation 2

Seminar, 4.00 ECTS


Course content

relational database model, SQL (DQL, DML, DCL, DDL) -Dynamic web sites with PHP and MySQL -interface programming MySQL-PHP-API - web forms and their input processing - online feedback from users - online help and tutorials -
create and maintain dynamic websites on the basis of a CMS (Content Management System). - create extensive online documentation.

Learning outcomes

The students know all the important media types that are used in technical documents beyond text and graphics, as well as the common creation tools and have an overview of technologies, methods and tools of online documentation. They are familiar with all the special features of dealing with the source languages ??German and English and can use them in the overall editorial process.
They know the basics and the use of relational database systems and are able to create relevant SQL queries.

Mode of delivery

Seminar (SE)

Prerequisites and co-requisites

1st semester, especially module 4

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of the examples and the contributions in the eLearning phases.