Insurance Management

Master Thesis

Master Thesis, 22.00 ECTS


Course content

The topic of the master thesis shall be chosen from the student's respective field of specialisation, bank management or management of insurance companies, respectively. Students shall work on the chosen topic independently and produce written work output that is in line with established scientific standards. The chosen topic shall be relevant in practice and connected research questions shall be answered by applying appropriate qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Learning outcomes

Students apply their scientific method skills and professional expertise to the written discussion of a practical problem in the form of a master thesis that is produced in line with established scientific standards.

Post completion of this modules, students possess scientific method skills which they can apply in their work routines when analysing problems in a scientific way.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

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Mode of delivery

Master Thesis

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Specialisation: Bank Management (modules GBS, VMB, PKG, CIB; 9 to 12) or Management of Insurance Companies (modules ISV, VMV, LKV, SUV; 13 to 16), and module WSS (17)

Assessment methods and criteria

Grading of the master thesis