Miriam Grainer, BSc

Miriam Grainer is currently doing her Master's in Information Management. In addition to studying she works as a Junior IT Consultant for Infralovers.


Key data

Job description: Junior IT Consultant / Trainer
Company: Infralovers GmbH
I work in: Graz, Austria
I've worked here since: 2017

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What I do:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Automation

What I love about my job:

  • Independent work
  • Experimenting with new technologies
  • Collaborating with major customers

What I don't like so much about my job:

  • The team is very small (currently four persons).
  • Developing new training content can often be very theoretical.

Important skills in my job:

  • Quick perception
  • Meticulous documentation (especially important in a small team)
  • Effective communication

My biggest success

During my internship I came into contact with one of our biggest customers. I gained interesting insights into the cloud infrastructure of that company and soon after was given the opportunity to implement projects on my own.

How I found my current job

I found my current job through a former fellow student, who came across the company during a meetup event. He told me about the presentation and said that this might be the right company for me and that I should apply.

What I learned for this job during my studies

Analytical thinking: identifying and solving problems is a skill I have acquired during my studies and which I need for my job every day.

Job prospects in my field

The prospects of finding a job in this sector are very good for graduates of this programme. A Bachelor's degree in Information Management is excellent preparation for the IT consulting sector.

I am:

  • very reliable
  • flexible
  • inventive

Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.

Henry Ford

I am currently studying

After completing my Bachelor's I decided to study for a Master's degree in Information Management at FH JOANNEUM to expand and consolidate my knowledge. I hope that this will give me the opportunity to specialise in a subject area of interest.

How I make studying compatible with my job

I work ten hours a week during my Master's studies. The company is very helpful and allows me to make up for hours lost whenever I need to spend more time studying.