Master Certificate Programmes

Combine a Master's programme with family and career commitments. We provide the support you need.


About the Master certificate programmes offered by the JOANNEUM ACADEMY

As an accredited university, we are authorised to offer Master certificate programmes. These are developed, reviewed and approved using an internal quality assurance process. The development process for Master certificate programmes at FH JOANNEUM is almost identical to that for publicly financed Master's degree programmes. This ensures the quality of continuing education which is funded by course fees.

It is not essential for students to be university graduates: professional experience can also qualify candidates for admission. The academic degree awarded after successful completion of the programme is determined by the awarding institution. At FH JOANNEUM, you will graduate with a Master of Science, Master of Arts in Social Sciences or Master of Business Administration, depending on the programme. Master certificate programmes are designed as a form of continuing professional development; it is at the discretion of individual universities whether to admit graduates to doctoral programmes.

All the programmes are organised on a part-time basis, allowing you to combine your studies with family and career.