Mission Statement

Top-level teaching and research – now and for the future.


In Styria, FH JOANNEUM is embedded in a unique ecosystem of outstanding universities, renowned research institutions and successful companies. As an interdisciplinary university of applied sciences with excellent employees, our goal is to make a significant contribution to the economy and society, and to shape our future together.

Our mission: We are educating our future.

  • As a university for the future, our approach to education is practical, scientific, and bold.
  • We open new perspectives through education.
  • We live and breathe quality – in our teaching, in our research, and in our interactions.

We see ourselves as a university for the future, one which prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow, actively addresses future concerns in its teaching and research, and shapes the university landscape through educational programmes with innovative content and didactics.

Our vision: We are a university for the future.

  • As a university for the future, we provide answers to the challenges of tomorrow.
  • We are the top address for education enthusiasts and those hungry for hands-on experience.
  • We are more than a university – we open up new worlds.

Our work reflects our responsibility to ensure that our students acquire knowledge and develop a broad range of skills. In doing so, we promote entrepreneurial thinking, creativity, and innovation. We accept responsibility for the common good and development of society and are committed to the sustainable use of our resources. We actively promote employee health and development.

Our values: How we live up to our responsibilities.


  • an innovative university.
  • a sustainable organization.
  • a responsible employer.
  • a resource-efficient company.  

Our strategy for the future

As a university determined to uphold its reputation for top-level teaching and research, now and in the future, we consistently make students the focus of everything we do. Our goal is to create an inspiring learning environment that caters to individual needs and paves the way for personal and academic growth. We are internationally connected and regionally embedded.

We optimize our portfolios and leverage synergies to ensure diverse and high-quality education that meets the requirements of a constantly changing world. Our content is based on the five key factors that represent the major challenges of our time: defossilization, digitalization, demography, democracy, and didactics. These serve as a guide for our teaching and research content, ensuring that our graduates are well equipped to successfully master the complex challenges of modern society – today and in the future.

We pursue four key strategic objectives:

  • Students are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Internationally connected, regionally embedded.
  • Optimize portfolios and leverage synergies.
  • Align content with the “5 Ds”: defossilization, digitalization, demography, democracy, and didactics.