Mission Statement

Top-level teaching and research – now and for the future.


OUR VISION – Where do we want to go?


FH JOANNEUM will continue to strengthen its position as a leading university of applied sciences (UAS) in Austria through to 2022.

Leading means: FH JOANNEUM is identified in the public consciousness with excellent quality and innovative capacity. It enjoys excellent international standing as a UAS, a position supported by targeted external communications. As an opinion leader in the field of education policy, we are driving innovative developments in the tertiary education sector.

Leading means: The specialisations and fields currently covered at FH JOANNEUM are well-established, and closely reflect the needs of the region. Challenges and global trends are promptly recognised and integrated into our degree programmes and continuing education activities. This includes a strategy of growth in the university of applied sciences sector. As a UAS, FH JOANNEUM is perceived as a strong and creative partner to Styria’s public institutions and industrial enterprises – and especially SMEs – when it comes to technological and commercial innovations.

With our broad focus on innovation, and highly qualified, competent and specialist teaching staff, we are regarded as a quality leader in the UAS sector. Our graduates have an outstanding reputation with employers.

Leading means: We are involved in national and international R&D in all the subject areas we cover, and boast outstanding staff and a high level of specialist expertise in selected cutting-edge fields.

OUR MISSION – What is our mission?

As an application-oriented university, we offer our students a practice-oriented education on a full-time or part-time basis, and cooperative programmes with an interdisciplinary focus. We combine academic education with practical training. The range of programmes we offer is designed with a view to meeting current international, commercial and technological challenges and the needs of industry, and with a focus on the future employability of our graduates.

We provide our students with the infrastructure they require for an excellent education, and implement new methods of teaching and learning, including the use of new media. In view of the importance of life-long learning, we offer a range of postgraduate programmes and tailored continuing education courses designed to meet the needs of our internal and external stakeholders.

Our applied research and development activities ensure the high quality of our teaching. We are drivers of innovation, working in cooperation with partners in education and business. We contribute to making Styria attractive as a location for industry and as a place to live, and are firmly anchored in the region, in Graz, Kapfenberg and Bad Gleichenberg.

OUR VALUES – How do we fulfil our mission?


Our teaching and research practice reflects our responsibility to ensure that students gain a valuable education and a comprehensive set of skills. At FH JOANNEUM teaching and research is based on the principle of good scientific practice. We regard the university’s autonomy as an essential basis for our industrial, technological and social developments in teaching and research.

We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and action, as well as pleasure in creativity and innovation. We are actively involved in the transfer of knowledge between university, research, industry and society. With our special focus on the generation and transfer of knowledge, we see ourselves as an organisation of experts and are aware of our qualities. As experts we provide complex and client-specific services in research and teaching. The large degree of autonomy we enjoy in decision-making plays a significant role in our success.


Our university supports cultural diversity, an international outlook and an interdisciplinary approach – we believe diversity is enriching. We take responsibility for the common good and social development. We consider it our duty to use resources sustainably.


We act with integrity, fairness, transparency and a respectful, appreciative attitude to one another. We actively encourage our employees in their personal and academic development, and work to support their health. We offer attractive and flexible working conditions. This allows our employees to achieve their personal goals, follow their interests, and better coordinate the competing demands of family life, a professional career and education.

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