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Based on the principles of Good Scientific Practice.

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Good Scientific Practice

Society generally places great trust in the scientific integrity of universities. To meet this responsibility, universities are required to specify quality criteria for good scientific work, observe existing standards and make the necessary arrangements to prevent malpractice in science and formulate adequate measures on how to handle violations of good scientific practice.

Guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice and preventing malpractice in science

FH JOANNEUM places great value on safeguarding good scientific practice. The FH JOANNEUM Board therefore adopted "Guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice and preventing malpractice in science" on 10 March 2014, which apply to all staff and students of the university. The Guidelines are based on the principles of research ethics and the requirements of good scientific practice.

Plagiarism check of pre‐academic and academic student theses

FH JOANNEUM introduces plagiarism checks for all degree programmes in order to ensure that bachelor's, diploma and master's theses are in compliance with the rules and principles of good scientific practice and free from wrongful appropriation of intellectual property or findings of third parties.

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