PR and Marketing

Communicate respectfully


FH JOANNEUM has defined internal and external communication processes as high priority tasks, since the general public shall be informed about the variety of activities the institution provides. The presentation of services, events and the different degree programmes is also crucial for prospective students, who want to inform themselves about educational opportunities at FH JOANNEUM.

Public relations at FH JOANNEUM includes a variety of activities ranging from event and media management, over web communication to the production of different publications and brochures.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity provides the foundation of our academic culture and encompasses the entire textual and visual communication, both internally and externally. Corporate design, corporate language and corporate wording represent the key elements of our corporate identity.

Internal communication

Linguistic culture and language policy

Communicate clearly and concisely
Know who you’re talking to
Make clear, precise and accurate statements

Use proper language
Create images – communicate vividly and tangibly
Use story-telling
Incorporate new language standards

Accept other people’s opinions
Address problems
Present solutions

Adopt a good language style
Use Austrian standard language
Communicate openly, truthfully and transparently

Communicate respectfully