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For our alumni, students and partner companies

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We want to support the career plans of our students and alumni and provide companies with the opportunity to network with the experts of the future. The FH JOANNEUM Career Center platform brings together all the tools required to shape the professional careers of our students and alumni.

The FH JOANNEUM Career Center for alumni and students

Looking for a job, internship or contacts in the professional world? Want to find out which companies are looking for employees with your academic qualifications and what career opportunities are available? Then visit our FH JOANNEUM Career Center. Our platform brings together all the tools required to help our students identify their future professional career and find a vacancy.

At our Career Center ...

  • ... you can find an internship or position to match your search criteria:
  • Exclusive offers for you as a member of the FH JOANNEUM network

    • Other offers from over 400 JobTeaser partner companies
  • ... you can find out about all the events from your alma mater and various companies:

  • Recruitment events, challenges, conferences, …
    • Events organised by FH JOANNEUM
    • Events organised by companies

Our Career Center also provides access to information and videos which can help you achieve your professional goals and obtain the latest information from your alma mater.


Please use your FH JOANNEUM email address when registering. If this is no longer active, we can authorise you manually using your specified email address. However this may take extra time. To ensure that you are able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by our new Career Center, please make sure you individually adapt the search criteria on your personal dashboard by clicking on 'Meine Kriterien anpassen' (Adapt my criteria') when you first visit the site.

The FH JOANNEUM Career Center app can be found at:

Your jobs for students and alumni of FH JOANNEUM

We want to support the career plans of our students and alumni and give your company the chance to network with the experts of the future.

Our Career Center offers students and alumni:

  • Profiles where companies can present career opportunities
  • A search engine for internships and job vacancies
  • Events: coaching workshops, trade fairs, chats, …
  • E-mail notifications of vacancies and events

We would like to invite you to create a free company profile or to advertise job offers.

There are two opportunities for companies

Join us as a premium partner!

As a premium partner you can profit from:

  • Higher visibility
    Exclusive "partner" windows and logo presentation; individual "partner" search options, higher ranked job postings

  • Time savings
    Automatic archiving of job postings, module for application management, possibility to re-upload job postings from the archive

  • Additional statistics
    Statistics on the jobs posted by your company and the search criteria used by students

  • Enhanced corporate profile options
    Presentation of teams, enhanced media gallery, events


For more information and questions about the premium partnership please contact